HR Optimization

Why HR Optimization?

It is easy to find talented, qualified employees but the real challenge is in placing them in the right position where they can thrive and grow. Neglectful talent management is precisely why many companies struggle with an abundance of unhappy employees.
There are a number of inborn talents that can ultimately determine the performance and productivity of an individual. Unfortunately, most corporates do not apply the newly emerged human capital tools for identifying the inborn talents of their employees and its match or mismatch regarding duties and responsibilities assigned to them. If we use these tools for such an assessment and subsequently redefine their duties in accordance with their innate talents, the productivity will be multiplied tremendously.
Moreover, when downsizing is the only option, the assessment can serve as a guide to the management on the most efficient way to go about the process, dismissing only the least suitable candidates for the role while holding on to the integral talents. This assessment enables corporates to minimize talent cost and maximize talent potential.

How it works?

Traditionally, the psychologists and corporate trainers consider intelligence as a single dimensional entity. But in recent years, Multiple Intelligences concept has gained acceptance and have dramatically enhanced the appraisal of human potential. Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University in his book, "Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences", suggests that there are at least nine human intelligences such as verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, musical, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal naturalistic and existential.?
If we develop suitable ways to apply dominant intelligences of each staff, we can amplify the possibilities for success in all areas of competitiveness and thus gain a position of excellence in productivity.
According to Dr. Howard Gardner:

    • All human beings possess the above mentioned nine intelligences in varying Amounts.
    • Each person has a different intellectual composition
    • We can improve work place performance by using the multiple intelligences of
    • Our employees.

What Multiple Intelligence Assessment will provide

    • Organizations will be able to enhance talent optimization and employee engagement.
    • They can prepare a talent based master plan for future training
    • They would get a database having each and every individual's talent profile based on Multiple Intelligences.
    • The database reveals the hierarchical list of capacities of each employee.
    • An excellence program for top ranking employees and an improvement program for low achievers in their weak areas can be conducted.
    • A course and training program can be organized by the company authorities for future excellence.
    • Gifted employees can be specially oriented to higher level responsibilities.
    • The employees would become more connected to corporate structure.
    • Ultimately, corporation would be a center of excellence both in workplace and market

What do Multiple Intelligences researches reveal?

    • Employees develop extremely concentrated mental engagement and excellent performances as they are inspired, self-motivated and hence enjoy the talent based responsibilities
    • .
    • The employees will show increased responsibility, self-direction and independence over the course of the time.
    • All employees would develop and apply skills henceforth.
    • Performance achievement will be improved.
    • This approach emphasizes employee centered program rather than company centered.
    • The employees natural interests and developmental needs dictate the direction of the corporation.
    • Such performance model adapts itself to changing environments than expecting employees themselves to adapt to it.
    • Thus it will be more appealing to the employees as it approves every dominant intelligence as a gift
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