Strategies For Transforming Gifted Students A Successful Genius.

As a follow up of Multiple Intelligence Assessment, we can conduct research on a group of selected gifted student's preferred areas and can give the expert opinions , directions, options , latest updates, study materials, facilitating add on courses, setting up syllabus, study materials, University validation etc. Ultimately a group of students may get patents in future in their own areas of interest or admission in top rated universities of the world like MIT, Stanford or Oxford!

A student may have immense inborn talents for achieving a great goal in life. But if he misses a few key factors like proper guidance and motivation, he might be reached in a desperate end. Moreover, an excellent scientist may not be a successful scientist. There are a number other key factors determining the success rate in contemporary world like emotional intelligence, adversity quotient, positive attitude, strategic thinking, patenting etc. We will integrate all these key rules of success in the process of guiding a genius. Moreover, we have to aim for excellence not in the areas that are fading out but in the areas emerging in the coming decades.

This project aims to ignite the minds of a selected group of gifted students from schools and will impart a special training for solving unsolved problems in science and technology. We will train the students how to make a warmly correspondence with top scientists of the world. These students may eventually qualify Kerala competitions like Google Science Fair, Intel science Fair etc.

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