Math Safari

Math safari intends to create a space where learning math is fun, social and supportive, so that every student becomes a lifelong math lover, and an independent learner who will dare to explore farther into the horizon of knowledge with the confidence and courage acquired never before!!

Why Math Safari?

It is a fact that there is no Biology fear or History fear but Maths fear is real one. Ashcraft, an international expert in Mathematical teaching suggests that Maths anxiety will lead to Maths avoidance . Unfortunately, this results in fewer competencies in common career tests which are largely based on reasoning ability. This can be managed in early years by inculcating positive attitude and confidence in Mathematics.

Math Safari:Highlights

Math Made Simple

This session will take students to the magical world of math to explore the unknown facts that will make their eyes go wider! The session will touch all the fields of math learning including its needs, math tricks, math magic and much more!

Pristine Ways of Mathematics Learning

This session will take students to the a new phase of Math learning through new and fresh methods that deviate from the conventional learning and teaching of Math, that is capable of igniting the 'wow' factor in your child. The session will be designed over the concept of activity based learning where numerous hands on activities do the teaching!

Mathematics in Nature

Mathematics is everywhere and even a school student can notice its magical presence in the day to day world. This realisation would trigger a natural interest in children and may lead to a vast field with great opportunities for research and related careers in mathematics. It will cultivate a never ending interest in the world of mathematics.


The session is so designed to familiarize students with the mathematics related software such as Google Sketchup, GeoGebra etc. which will be a never before experience.

Research Based Learning

Mathematic is a vast field with great opportunities for research and related careers. The session will enlighten the student with the research based learning in mathematics. The session will take the students to the unresolved theories in world of mathematics and will let them try solving them and there by cultivating great interests in the subject.

Origami and mathematics

The session will be consisting of the topics where the art of origami and paper craft joins hands with math to give Math learning a new soul.

How to be an Excellent Student Mathematician?

A mathematician is someone who uses an extensive knowledge of mathematics to solve mathematical problems. The session will help interested students to become great mathematicians!

Mathematics Skill Development Program (MSDP)

This session is intended to develop mathematical skills of students including computational ability, and speed of calculations. through specially designed package including topics such as New trends in Mathematics, Mysterious Numbers, Beauty of Mathematics, Short cuts in discrete Mathematics, Activity based Mathematics, and Illusions in mathematics

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